Message from the Guru

Years ago, I went to Vancouver, British Columbia for my bachelor party. There were quite a few of us, so we took multiple cars to get there from Washington State. From the start, it was destined to be a memorable trip. We lost our first group at the border, with a few guys being denied entry into Canada for some mysterious reason. It would not be the last time we lost people on this trip (read my blog post for the full story).

This would become the inspiration for countless “guy trips” in the future. Each trip would check a box on somebody’s wish list or bucket list. At some point, we started using the term “mancation” for these trips, which were typically planned around a milestone (e.g. wedding, birthday, etc.). Every trip has been memorable.

I’ve been planning to share my stories for a while, and a recent life change has given me time to do just that. My hope is that you’ll be inspired to go on a trip, too.

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Three men looking at two wrecked cars during mancation getaway
Yes, that’s a picture of a bachelor party trip.  We were pondering what to do with the cars that no longer ran.  Pickaxe or pistol?