Carmageddon: Part 3

Carmageddon: Part 3

It was my friend’s bachelor party, and we had just pulled onto an old logging road with a truck, an RV, and two and a half cars.  Our plan was to find as many ways to abuse the cars as possible.  The cars were destined for the junk yard.

About a quarter mile up the logging road, we pulled to the side.  The two running cars would take lead up the road, while the rest of us followed in the truck and RV.  I hopped out of the blue Oldsmobile so someone else could drive.

As I stood on the side of the road, watching the Oldsmobile and Nova drive away, it dawned on me that everyone was driving away.

Crap, I’m getting left behind.

The truck was in the rear pulling the Lumina on a car trailer.  It was about 30 or 40 feet away before I noticed I was standing there all alone.  They weren’t going that fast, yet, so I started running toward the trailer.

I hopped onto the back of the trailer.  While they picked up speed, I walked toward the front of the trailer, holding onto the car so I didn’t fall.  The road was super bumpy, and the trailer was not very forgiving.

When I got to the front of the trailer, we were maybe going 15 or 20 MPH.  Not crazy fast, but, fast enough that I didn’t know if I should wait until we stopped to get into the truck.  The truck had a canopy on it, so hopping into the bed was not so easy.

Wait or push ahead?

My inner Indiana Jones told me to keep going.

I jumped onto the bumper and climbed on top of the canopy.  My legs were sprawled as I pulled myself like an inch-worm toward the cab of the truck.  When I got to the cab, I was peaking at the window to see if it was open or not.  It was…hooray.

At this point, I was sideways on top of the cab of the truck, holding on for dear life.  I started pushing myself backward so my legs could swing into the passenger side window.  With my legs in the truck, I sort of slid the rest of the way into the cab.


It was only a few more minutes before we stopped to change drivers.  Looking back, perhaps I should have waited it out on the trailer.

What fun would that have been, though?

After we stopped, it was my turn to drive.  I hopped out, ready to ruin the Oldsmobile: Carmageddon time!

To be continued…

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