My Bachelor Party Story: Part 3

My Bachelor Party Story: Part 3

Hungover or not, we had to check out of the hotel and head home. Our headcount showed two guys missing. We tried calling one of their cell phones, but there was no answer.

The only plausible explanation (to us) was that they were dead or the got arrested.

Assuming they weren’t dead, we worked on the getting arrested angle.

Somebody grabbed a phone book and looked up police station addresses in downtown Vancouver. We started driving from station to station asking if they had arrested our friends.

To protect the innocent, I won’t share their actual names. However, their names only made this more entertaining. Imagine something like “Zoltar Milosevic” and “Rick Zleczewski”. Now imagine saying those names to a police officer, spelling each one so they could look up their names in the arrest records.

If one of those names happens to be your name, welcome to my blog. What a coincidence.

Suffice to say, we finally found them. One of them finally answered their cell phone after we had visited the second police station.

Apparently, they decided to get another room in the hotel when all the “good” sleeping spots were taken (or soiled) in our room.

With everybody now accounted for, we started the journey back home.

There was a long line at the border, so a few of us hopped out of the car to get some water and booze at the duty-free store.

Who would have thought this was a bad idea?

When we were about 100 yards from the car, two guards came out of nowhere with guns and dogs. They asked what we were doing, to which we replied, “getting some water from the duty-free store.”

They were not even having it.

We got rerouted (escorted) to some building for questioning, where we showed our IDs and explained we were just idiots (not drug smugglers).

They let us go after about ten minutes, which seems like a very reasonable amount of time to be detained for being stupid. Go figure, our ride was still waiting in line when we walked out. We hopped in the car, and were on our way home from there, all our fingers and toes accounted for.

When I look back on this trip, it was filled with little moments. I think that’s why it is so memorable to me, despite being years ago. It wasn’t the most extravagant trip I’ve been on, but I was with my friends, and we were young and dumb.

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